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Familiarize yourself with the SAT DIAGNOSTIC TEST

A diagnostic test is a full-length practice exam done under realistic testing conditions  tests pinpoint students’ test-taking strengths and weaknesses and help them focus their test prep efforts strategically.


In this guide, we’ll explain what an SAT diagnostic test is, where you can find the best free SAT diagnostic tests, and exactly how you can use every piece of information you get from the diagnostic test to create the best SAT study plan for you

How Should You Take Your SAT Diagnostic Test?

When you take your SAT diagnostic, it’s very important to mimic real testing conditions as closely as possible so that you can get the most accurate score from your diagnostic. 


If you give yourself more breaks or time than you’d get on the real test, your diagnostic test results won’t be as useful because the extra time could cause you to get a higher score than you would on the real SAT.


Here are the main rules you should follow when taking your diagnostic:


  1. Take the test with pencil and paper
  2. Take the test all in one sitting
  3. Keep strict timing for each section (don’t give yourself even one minute extra to complete a section!)
  4. Use only the breaks you’d get on the official exam (5 minutes after the Reading section, 5 minutes after the Math No Calculator section, and 5 minutes before the Essay if you’re taking it)
  5. Minimize distractions (no music, tv, people talking in the room, etc.)


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