YOUR BRAND BUILDING to make youΒ  Stand out


Our experts develop a comprehensive profile strategy based on the students’
innate capabilities.Β 

Psychometric test


We use a data-backed personality assessment tool to identify what makes you tick.




Β The Students' AutobiographyΒ is a set of exploratory questions we use to evaluate your academic performance, extracurricular activities, awards, honors, etc.

Deeper Analysis of the Students' Autobiography


The Deeper AnalysisΒ  uncovers your pivotal life experiences and how they’ve shaped your values and ambitions.

Weekly 1:1 session


Our experienced specialists meet you at least once a week to drive your progress, make key profile decisions, and ensure you’re on track.

Time management and prioritization

We guide you on managing your busy schedule to minimize stress while facilitating smooth project completion.

Experiential learning

We hone your technical and soft skills through interactive, hands-on Academy Workshops in which you produce tangible projects to be included in your application.

Design the student brand


The Application Theme and Strategy act as a blueprint for your profile that outlines a comprehensive plan and execution framework for your academic milestones, capstone projects, and work experience.

Student roadmap


All profile elements are organized in a roadmap that systematically outlines timelines and weekly tasks.

Work experience


We identify internships, apprenticeships, and research-assistant opportunities within our network of organizations across industries.

Summer programs


We facilitate summer program admission to elite institutions, including Wharton, MIT, Stanford, and Brown.

Standardized test planning


Our consultants use data to guide school subject selection and standardized testing strategies to position you as a competitive candidate at the top colleges.

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