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A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) holds extreme importance for a candidate who has applied for a course or a job profile. The assessment committee allotted to determine the worthiness of a candidate haven’t met them in person or have known them on a personal level and they would not know how talented and capable the candidate is unless their submitted documents highlight their personality and traits.


Whenever someone is looking to attain an academic qualification or trying to apply for a job at a prestigious organization, they generally need to submit one or more Letters of Recommendation (LOR) to help the assessment committee understand whether they are a suitable fit for the course or work profile


A LOR is usually written by a previous employer or a professor who knows the person well enough to become a referee and suggests the organization shortlist the prospective candidate. This blog aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on the central aspects of a letter of recommendation, LOR formats and the major things you need to keep in mind while writing one.

Most of us might not know about it but, there are two types of Letters of Recommendation. This distinction between them is made on the basis of the nature of the provider or recommender. Let us go through and understand the two types of LOR.

Academic LOR

The Letter of recommendation that is provided by a faculty member belonging to an academic institution that you have previously studied at can be referred to as an academic LOR. Universities abroad demand at least one academic LOR. In such cases, you can refer to your previous academic institution for this help. This type of LOR open highlights the student’s ability to pursue that course as it aligned with their prior accomplishments.

Professional LOR

The majority of the universities abroad ask for prior work experience, especially during master’s admission. Professional LOR can be provided by your senior or a colleague belonging to your last organisation. Students must know that it is necessary that the professional LOR is stated on the letterhead. Professional LOR focuses on determining the candidate’s ability to work in diverse environments, and teamwork and cites their exposure regarding the domain.

All those who are looking forward to pursuing higher education will mandatorily need LORs, especially those who are planning to study abroad  Regardless of the study level, course and field of study; students usually require 2 LORs belonging to academic as well as professional backgrounds.  

 Many times, students enrolling in UG-level courses do not have prior work experience; thus, they can request a LOR from school teachers, institute teachers, professors, counselors etc. Whereas those who are all said to pursue a masters abroad, they can avail their LOR from the last employer, internship manager, college professors and so on.

To assist you more on the topic of how to write a LOR, we have devised the template for you-

To Whom This May Concern


My name is ——- (Recommender Name) and I am obliged to offer my recommendation of —– (Candidate’s full name) to whom I have personally known for —— (number of years or months) at ——- (location). 

During the course of my relationship with —- (candidate’s name), I have observed that she/he shows up earlier than asked, is a team player, works hard and carries her/his work in a humble and polite manner. Being a diligent employee, —- (Candidate’s name) best quality is to get the most out of others while maintaining the decorum of the workplace. Hence, without any reservation, I recommend ——- (Candidate’s full name) for this program at ——- (University’s name). 

For any queries, you can contact me at- 


Qualities to Mention in LOR

As we are discussing the format of a LOR, you may have noticed the emphasis upon stating the right sort of qualities and capabilities, but what are the qualities that one should mention in their LOR? To help you out with this, below we have mentioned the qualities that must be included in a LOR- 

Qualities for Professional LOR

  • Leadership skills
  • Decision making abilities
  • Team adaptability and teamwork
  • Skills regarding management
  • Dedication for role
  • Reliability and integrity
  • Time management
  • Multitasking
  • Creativity
  • Diligent

Qualities for Academic LOR

  • Teamwork skills 
  • Passion and creativity 
  • Leadership abilities 
  • Fluent research skills 
  • Hardworking
  • Academic performance 
  • Awards, recognitions and highlights

Frequently Asked Questions

 While the majority of students require academic LORs for MS programmes, only a few colleges demand professional LORs. As a result, students must seek the advice of their academic supervisors, instructors, counsellors, and others.

 If you have any relevant job experience, you should submit at least one academic and one professional letter of recommendation

One of the most significant distinctions between a Statement of Purpose and a recommendation letter is that the former is written by the candidate, whilst the latter is prepared by someone else.

 Email or phone calls are the best ways to contact a recommender. Ask them nicely and provide them with all the information they need, such as submission procedures and prerequisites. Also, when requesting a LOR, be sure to include any special talents or accomplishments you want them to highlight.

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