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This new version of the test is taken on a computer rather than with a pencil and paper, and it is designed to be as similar as possible to the traditional paper-based SAT in terms of content and format.

The digital SAT is intended to provide a flexible testing option for students during the pandemic and to help ensure that students can take the test even if in-person testing is not possible.

Digital SAT Prep Module

Holistic Mentorship Batch with Diagnostic Test, Beginners' Assesment & Counselling, Personalised Sessions, Periodic Parents Connect, Admission Counselling Webinars and Much More
Personlised Mentorship Batch With Diagnostic Test, Beginners' Assesment & Regular Counselling Session with Senior Counselor, Personalised Sessions, Periodic Parents Connect, Admissions Counselling Webinar, and Much more.

Digital SAT vs SAT: An Analysis

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