Demonstrate Your Extraordinary Brand


What do you bring to the table?

We analyze every student’s potential, and find exactly what makes him/her stand out. Then, we develop a
profile that demonstrates the unique value he/she add to any college campus.

Plan your College List

Categorize | Evaluate

We divide your college list into three categories – reach, target, and likely. Our years of experience, combined with our robust database, enable us to curate a concise, thoughtful, and truly customized college list.

Prepare essay and application academy workshops

Our specialized workshops provide instrumental information and strategic insights about how to approach the application and essays from the perspective of an admission officer. We support students with:

  • Essay-writing series
  • Activity lists
  • Recommendations
  • Interview series
  • Video applications
  • Transcript submissions, etc.


Our mentors provide expert guidance to draft the extraordinary essays only you can write. We’ll ideate, outline, and finalize your writing, all while retaining your authentic voice.

Letter of Recommendation (LoRs) and Activity List

We help you identify your recommenders and guide you in composing brag sheets. Then, we’ll teach you to craft an effective Activity List that perfectly showcases your profile.


Our consultants conduct intensive mock interviews and invite UnivMenter alumni to host webinars about their experiences, how they cracked the code

Pick the right college for you and meet UnivMentor alumni

After you get into multiple colleges, we use a data-driven framework to help you pick the college where you’ll thrive. For extra perspective, you can always seek advice from our expansive network of 300 alumni!

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