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Interact one-on-one with the current student from the university of your choice and top university representatives, book a consultation now, speak to the expert and connect with the current student from your program to have first hand insight on the college life and actual experience of studying the subject.


As the name suggests, our UnivConnect initiative is a genuine and concerted effort to connect students with actual students to give genuine and first hand experience which is of great importance for the students seeking admission to any foreign university/colleges. It gives students much needed validation of their choice and at the same time prevents them from making any misfit choices in a completely faraway place. So UnivConnect is a genuine student service which aids them in making correct choices.

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About UnivConnect

UnivConnect Service has two parts to it, one is UnivConnect and the other UnivConnect Plus. Under UnivConnect, the students get an opportunity to speak to the students from the campus and also interact with the university representatives.
Under the UnivConnect Plus, we keep conducting Online/Offline University Fair with a large number of our university partners to connect the students with the University Representatives directly where students can interact one-on-one with top university representatives directly and avail the admission offers on spot and also scholarships.

Why register for UnivConnect?

Meet the Current students of the university of your choice

Interact with the current students of the university of your choice and have the complete insight in the life at campus and course experiences before making the most important decision of your life.

Access to the First-hand experience

We keep coming across many cases where students make wrong choices related to university and course and later they are forced to run from pillar to post either to correct that or complete the course unwillingly. In order to avoid these kinds of unforeseen situations it's always better to have a real time discussion with the students in the same university as it definitely gives valuable inputs which make the decision informed and well thought out.

Compare and Evaluate

You speak to the expert counselor and the University Representative during the admission process. With getting hold of a student from the same university which you are aiming for, you get a greater opportunity to cross check the details and also get new details and life experiences from the campus which make you better placed to evaluate if those things still appeals to you or not? This way you get hold of real life experiences and most importantly one more chance to reassess your decision with better inputs.

University Representatives and other valuable inputs

Apart from speaking to the students of the university and getting an opportunity to chat with university representatives you also have university, course, professors, scholarships, career opportunities, place, culture, weather condition and life at campus etc. which are definitely very valuable for any students making a big decision of their life which will affect their future.

Universities From Across The Globe

How to Avail the UnivConnect Services?

Step 1

Book a consultation with an expert from UnivMentor by filling all the details and speak to the expert at the scheduled time

Step 2

Fill the form and complete the formalities and shortlist the universities you wish to apply to once the process is complete you will get the option to register for the UnivConnect option for the shortlisted Universities.

Step 3

You will get the opportunity to either speak to the student from the university of the representative or both as per your choice, with books slots

UnivConnect Plus

An opportunity to interact one-on-one with the university representatives and secure admission offers and scholarships

Why register for UnivConnect Plus?

Meet the University Representatives directly

The students get an opportunity to interact one on one with university representatives directly and know about the university campus and the course details, application process, and future career paths after completing the course.

Opportunity to get on the spot offers

The students actually talk to the representatives and apply inside the booth and eventually secure on-spot offers from the universities.

Application guidance and assistance

The students get application assistance and guidance by the university representatives and UnivMentor experts who handhold them at every step.

Assistance with Scholarships

The students will find out how to qualify for generous scholarships and educational loans, in exclusive interactions and presentations

How toRegister For UnivConnect Plus?

Step 1

Once announced the students can register for UnivConnect Plus by creating an account

Step 2

the students need to complete the profile and check the participating/recommended universities

Step 3

You are ready to visit the university booths and have chat with the university representatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have registered, the next step is to complete your profile. Based on your preferred study location and course, you will get a list of universities that perfectly match your profile. Shortlist universities that interest you, prepare queries regarding the application, scholarship, eligibility, etc. and attend the upcoming UniConnect to interact 1:1 with university representatives.

Once all your doubts are addressed and you have finalised your desired university, you can click on the Consult now button at the top of the booth. Our counsellors will get in touch with you to discuss the application details.

Yes you can join the UniConnect events anytime during the stipulated event timings. However, slots at each university booth are limited, hence, we recommend that you join the event as early as possible.

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