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2023-2024 Undergraduate Admissions Cycle

March, 2023


  • We recommend you begin composing your Common Application Essay (CAE) for the US.


April, 2023


  • We recommend you begin your preliminary college selection process: research, parameters, strategy, including consideration of initial Early Decision, Early Action, or Restrictive Early Action (ED/EA/REA) options.
  • We recommend you begin composing your UCAS Personal Statement (PS) for the UK.
  • Start compiling your preliminary Activity List, identifying activities, projects, and accomplishments you wish to include in your application.
  • Identify your recommenders and begin composing for brag sheets for your Letters of Recommendation (LOR).

May, 2023


  • UCAS undergraduate application officially opens for 2024 entry.
  • We recommend you begin composing your University of California (UC) Personal Insight Questions (PIQ) responses.
  • Take any AP exams for which you have registered.

July, 2023


  • We recommend you finalize your CAE, early colleges, and complete your LORs/bragsheets.

August, 2023


  • The Common Application (including supplemental essay prompts), Coalition Application, and University of California (UC) application officially open for 2024 entry.

September, 2023


  • We recommend you finalize your UCAS Personal Statement.
  • Sep 27 – HKUST (Hong Kong) application officially opens.

October, 2023


  • Register for any Oxford and Cambridge pre-interview assessments (e.g. Thinking Skills Assessment).
  • Register for all US Early Round alumni interviews.
  • Begin preparing for your UK and US interviews. You will take both technical interviews for the UK and personality interviews with alumni for the US. We recommend you refine your spoken communication and self-presentation skills during this time, focusing on effectively conveying your human brand and your academic competence in a concise manner.
  • Begin preparing for your UK entry examinations.
  • Oct 15
    • Official UCAS undergraduate deadline for Oxford and Cambridge.
    • EA/ED Deadline for some US universities (e.g. Georgia Tech for Georgia residents) and art portfolio deadline.
    • NUS & NTU (Singapore) applications officially open.

November, 2023


  • Nov 1 – Official EA/ED/REA deadline for most US universities.
  • Nov 17 – HKU early deadline.
  • Nov 19 – HKUST early deadline.
  • Nov 30 – Official University of California undergraduate application deadline. (Note: The UC Application is extensive, and the portal is prone to crashing close to the deadline!)

December, 2023


  • Dec 1 – Official deadline for most US public universities (e.g. UT Austin), as well as scholarship deadlines for several universities (e.g. Dartmouth, BU, USC, and Claremont McKenna).
  • Mid Dec – Most (private) REA/ED admissions results announced. Select Canadian early deadlines.

January, 2024


  • Jan 1-15 – Official Regular Decision deadline for most US universities.
  • Recommended date for letters of continued interest for deferred applicants. US RD alumni interviews ongoing.
  • Jan 14 – HKUST main round deadline.
  • Jan 15 onwards – Canadian university deadlines. Selected US universities EA/ED (e.g. Michigan, Georgia Tech, UIUC) and Oxbridge admissions results typically announced
  • Jan 31 – UCAS regular deadline (for most UK undergraduate courses).

February, 2024


  • Continue to give US alumni interviews.
  • Select US universities early e.g. UIUC) admissions results are announced.
  • Feb 21 – NUS (Singapore) deadline for IB students.
  • Feb 28 – NUS (Singapore) deadline for international students.

March, 2024


  • Regular Decision admissions results announced for most US universities (including University of California, Ivy League (“Ivy Day”), Stanford)).
  • Mar 19 – NTU (Singapore) deadline.

May, 2024


  • May 1 – Deadline for most US universities to commit to the college of your choice and submit your deposit.

August – September 2024


  • Matriculation date for most universities.

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