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The OET exam was developed to evaluate healthcare professionals’ English language proficiency. It uses vocabulary and language from the healthcare sector, making it a perfect way to assess English skills for future nurses and medical professionals. 

The OET exam for nurses is critical for everyone looking to work as a nurse at major organizations in English-speaking countries, such as the National Health Services in the UK. Clearing an OET exam proves that the individual has the right skills needed to work in English-speaking hospitals and clinics.

Syllabus for OET Exam

Each sub-test in the OET exam has different content and format. You can prepare for the exam with OET books for nurses, online resources, mock tests, etc. The OET official website also provides various preparatory materials like the Official OET Preparation Nursing book, sample tests, free master classes, preparation articles, and more. Below is the gist of the OET exam syllabus for nurses for each sub-test to give you a better idea.

Listening Section


The exam is approximately 45 minutes, with three parts and 42 questions. 

You will have to hear some recordings and answer the questions while listening. The recordings can be related to patient consultations, workplace extracts, and recorded presentations. The purpose is to test various listening skills, like identifying specific details, gist, speaker’s central theme, etc. The questions can be in the form of note-completion and multiple-choice questions.


Reading Section


This section covers questions from generic healthcare-related subjects. You get approximately 60 minutes to complete this test. The test is divided into three parts with  42 questions. It examines your ability to locate specific information after a glance at a longer paragraph and understand the text’s explicit or implied meaning.

To prepare for this section, you must read different medical text types like hospital guidelines, manuals, internal communications, policy documents, etc., to better understand numerical and textual information.


Writing Section


This section includes a 45-minute writing task based on the demands of a specific profession. One can prepare by writing referral letters, letters of transfer, letters of discharge, etc. It is marked independently by a minimum of two trained assessors on six main criteria: purpose, content, conciseness & clarity, genre & style, organization & layout, and language.


Speaking Section


The time allotted for this sub-test is 20 minutes, and it uses material specific to your profession to assess your speaking communication skills. Here, you will have to perform different role-plays of approximately 5 minutes. You will play the part of your professional role and the other dialogist will act as a patient/ client/ patient’s relative. The tasks are recorded, and the audio is marked (independently by a minimum of two trained OET assessors) on factors like fluency, language appropriateness, relationship-building, empathy, listening skills, information-giving, etc.



Eligibility for OET exams


The OET authorities have not laid down any specific academic or age requirements to appear for the OET exam for the nurses. Any candidate willing to work in the healthcare department can appear for the OET exam. 


How to Register for OET Exam for Nurses?

  1. Go to the OET official website and click the ‘Book a Test’ tab.
  2. Select the location and venue where you want to take the exam. You can search for the nearest location by entering the city name.
  3. Click on the ‘Book Now’ option. It will redirect you to the booking portal.
  4. Log in to the booking portal and click the ‘Apply for the Test’ tab. If you are a new user, you must first complete the registration process by entering the required details. 
  5. Select the time, location, and profession for which you want to give the OET exam.
  6. Proceed to checkout and enter the payment details to complete your test booking

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Frequently Asked Questions

The OET exam is an exclusive English language test designed to assess the English language proficiency of healthcare professionals such as nurses.

Generally, the nurses require a minimum score of 350 out of 500 to clear their OET exam.

You should create an ACT web account and then register for the exam on international test dates. Choose your preferred test option, test date and the colleges to which you want to send your scores, and pay the registration fees online at www.act.org.

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