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The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)Β Exam is a standardized test that assesses the skills and knowledge necessary for success in graduate-level business programs. More than 2,300 colleges and 7,000 courses consider theΒ GMAT exam score, thereby making it the most widely recognized and accepted entrance examination.


Β In 1998, GMAT became computer-adaptive, which means:


  • There is no set question paper; the questions are determined by the candidate’s responses in the GMAT exam;
  • The level of difficulty is determined by the responses to the previous questions;
  • Some experiment questions can be added, which may be of variable difficulty.

GMAT Prep Module

Holistic Mentorship Batch with Diagnostic Test, Beginners' Assesment & Counselling, Personalised Sessions, Periodic Parents Connect, Admission Counselling Webinars and Much More
Personlised Mentorship Batch With Diagnostic Test, Beginners' Assesment & Regular Counselling Session with Senior Counselor, Personalised Sessions, Periodic Parents Connect, Admissions Counselling Webinar, and Much more.

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Smart Analytics help you track and evaluate your performance

Powerful adaptive technology platform streamlines your preparation

Targeted study plan & exhaustive Full-Length tests to maximize speed and accuracy

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Personalized study plans

Are you tearing your hair out over GMAT preparation? If you are looking to ace you GMAT exam, you will need to have a clear, comprehensive GMAT coaching study plan in place. We, at Univmentor, have immense experience in GMAT coaching.

After looking at candidates for years and helping them prepare through the various GMAT coaching programs, we devised a set of study plans to make sure that no one else feels overwhelmed and stressed during their GMAT Exam Preparation. Our effective GMAT Exam Study Plans can be used by everyone and help them take their GMAT preparation to the next level.

Classes by Univmentor’s expert faculty on the concepts tested on the GMAT

We teaches you exactly what you need to ace the GMAT – nothing more, nothing less

Topic-based exercises to help gain mastery of concepts

Concepts taught in the class are also available as HD videos for easy reference

Quickly revise the rules that you have studied in your classes

Improve accuracy and speed with practice tests and their solutions

Unlimited doubt clearing sessions help you improve your weak areas

Strategize your GMAT prep journey with customized study plans

12 full-length tests which are like the actual GMAT test

Get the taste of real GMAT questions with the Official GMAC Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum educational requirement to take the GMAT exam. However, candidates usually take the test in the final year or after completing their bachelor's degree. A large number of GMAT test-takers are also working professionals.

Registrations for the GMAT exam can be done online, by phone, or by mail. For more detailed information about registering for the GMAT exam, you can check out GMAC's official website

The GRE exam fee in India is priced at $220.

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