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UnivMentor’s PG Admissions Consulting Services and Mentorship Programs are ideal for students looking to apply to specialized postgraduate courses or doctoral degrees at elite universities


Our Mentorship Team

Our Mentors are carefully selected, not just for their exposure and industry knowledge, but also for their ability to interact with young adults as guides, teachers, and coaches. We not only ensure that you find your ‘Best Fit’ University and Program, but also match you to your ‘Best Fit’ Mentor who will be your primary point of contact throughout the process for ease of access and coordination. There will also be a Secondary Mentor available to give you a wider perspective whenever required.

UnivPrime: Our Mentorship Services

PG Mentorship Services

Career Mapping

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the student’s academic and professional trajectory, taking into account their research interests, academic aspirations and career goals. We then present the student with a roadmap and tentative timeline that they should follow to achieve their academic, career and personal goals.

GMAT / GRE Test Prep

Standardized tests play a key role in the Postgraduate application process. At UnivMentor, we provide one-on-one coaching for GMAT & GRE, which allows students to identify their strengths and areas of improvement and follow a customized test-taking strategy. Our faculty have industry experience spanning over a decade. Their guidance and constant reviews help students in maximizing their potential.

Resume Building / Profile Development

We conduct an in-depth critical analysis of the student’s resume, identifying areas of improvement and development in tune with the student’s academic interests and post graduation goals. A postgraduate application is not solely dependent on academic performance and standardized test scores. A student needs to have a well-rounded profile in order to make it to the top universities across the world. We provides expert guidance on ways to improve and strengthen their profile in terms of experiential learning, research and academic publications, knowledge beyond college academics, community service and internships.

Choice of University & Program

At Univmentor, we employ a very scientific and logical approach when making the shortlist and ensure that it complements the student’s profile, academic objectives, area of specialization or research interests within your subject and probable post graduation goals. We also consult several rankings and other resources to determine the credibility of the chosen university for a specific program and ROI thereafter.


Essays and interviews are major components of an international application. Our team of Mentors works steadily with students via writing assignments, video essays, presentations, games and a list of recommended books and movies.

Resume Editing

Students’ resumes often flow into several pages. We guide them on first sifting information and discerning their achievements and unique aspects. Further, we edit the resume several times till it perfectly and aptly reflects the student’s key achievements and experiences

Statement of Purpose Ideation and Editing

PG application essays are a crucial medium to showcase one’s experiences, learning and ideas. Writing SOPs/essays and expressing one’s thoughts in words is also one of the biggest challenges faced by applicants. Application essays often lack clarity of thought and structure, belie poor writing skills, offer conflicting narratives or simply duplicate the resume. UnivMentor conducts extensive essay ideation sessions and helps students create essays that retain their personal style, while serving as effective narratives.

Choice of Referees and Drafting of Letter of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation substantiate a student’s strengths, potential for graduate studies and contribution to the college community. We at UnivMentor, guide students to help them select the most effective referees. Students sometimes have to draft these letters on behalf of their referees and in such situations, we help them create effective Letters of Recommendation that best exemplify their strengths and achievements.

Application Submission

Application forms are extensive and require various details ranging from a student’s personal details to internship responsibilities. Every piece of information needs to be validated through relevant documents, which are uploaded in the application form, we check each form to ensure flawless and seamless submission.

Interview Preperation

Interviews are an integral part of the PG application process as they provide Interviewers an estimation of the student’s personality, communication skills and verifies their identity of the interviewee against their claims in the application. UnivMentor organizes numerous mock interview sessions to prepare students to field challenging questions, rebuttals and offers further guidance on their demeanour and delivery to help them ace their interviews.

The Final Decision

Our students are frequently left with more than one university to choose from. Our team conducts extensive discussions with students to help them zero in on their ‘Best Fit’ University and Program that aligns with their individual requirements, interests and location preferences.


UnivPrime Mentorship Program - Keeps you Ahead !

I am looking for individual attention. Will I receive adequate personal attention?

Our customized Personal Mentoring Program includes one-on-one meetings with students to understand their potential, individual requirements and counsel them effectively through the admission cycle.

This Program will consider your goals and aspirations, highlight your unique strengths, identify areas of improvement and create a roadmap for a successful application.
What if I need to boost my GRE/GMAT score? Can UnivMentor help?

Absolutely! UnivMentor offers premium Classroom Coaching and Private Tutoring Services for Standardized Test Preparation.

Our experienced GRE/GMAT faculty will conduct regular sessions to guide you through the Test and you may further augment your skills by enrolling on to the UnivMentor’s E-Learning Platform to access our Online Test Prep Services and exclusive resources.

Do I need to have work experience?

Work experience is always highly recommended for PG aspirants. Top tier graduate programs value student involvement in academic projects, internships, and research endeavours relevant to your intended area of specialization.

Professional experience, academic publications and contributions to research projects will always give you an edge over other PG applicants.

When is the right time for me to begin the application process?

We always recommend that students begin the Application Process early to for a stress free experience. However, it is never too late to seek our guidance at any time during the Admission Cycle.

We Mentors can assess your Profile at any step of the Application Process and provide you with actionable feedback to optimize your efforts and improve your application.

Who will write my essay?

Our customized Personal Mentoring Program fosters strong Student-Mentor exchanges that facilitate a fruitful collaborative process leveraging your personal and professional experiences to create compelling narratives for application essays.

How is the UnivMentor’s Track-record?

The UnivMentor Network currently spans all 8 Ivy League Colleges and the best graduate schools around the world like Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Stanford, CalTech, MIT, UCL, UToronto, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Le Cordon Bleu, ETH Zurich, Trinity College Dublin and NUS amongst others.

Many of our students have secured Financial Aid Scholarships and outperformed their initial expectations with the quality of their final admits.

We also plug our new students into this network and facilitate productive interactions between prospective applicants and UnivMentor alumni. This unique learning opportunity could help you learn more about the Universities you intend to apply to and understand the breadth of experience it offers.


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